Tascam Announces the Professional CD-6010 Rackmount CD Player

While most music today is consumed via personal players using mp3 files, there is still a need for a professional CD player that is suitable for broadcast, studio or touring applications. Tascam has stepped up to the plate with the CD-6010.

Teradek Bond Slices HD Video for Cellular Transmission

For broadcasters, covering events and breaking news has traditionally required significant capital investment in the form of microwave and satellite trucks. For live-event producers, it’s meant linking a camera to an expensive real-time encoder, and in turn to a fast, wired Internet connection. 

New JVC SR-HD2500US Blu-ray Recorder Announced at NAB

The annual NAB show is always an exciting affair, with each year bringing ever more technical advancements. The 2012 show was no exception, and despite the predictions in certain quarters of the demise of DVDs as a distribution medium, huge interest was shown in the JVC SR-H D2500US Blu-ray recorder.

Using a Matte Box to Enhance Your Video Production

If you’re actively honing your skills as a videographer, either with camcorders or HDSLRs, try working with matte boxes to enhance your video production and kick it up a notch in quality.

Build Up Your Camera Rig with bebob

Do you have the ability to control the zoom on your camera when you’re doing a jib shot? Do you need an on-camera battery for your Panasonic AF100 that will give you longer runs between battery changes? If you’re looking to accessorize a video camera with pro-level upgrades, the German manufacturer bebob is a brand worth checking out.

On-Camera Monitors

Some accessories in video production and HDSLR filmmaking are so essential that they transcend being just add-on gear, and become part of the camera system itself. One such item is an on-camera monitor. Sometimes referred to as a “video-assist monitor,” they’re used to help the camera operator (or assistant) focus the camera.

On the Air: An Introduction to Broadcast/Voice-Over Microphones

With tons of microphones available, how do you choose the right one? Some are all-purpose; others are meant for vocals and musical instruments; still others are designed for specific applications such as picking up the tones of a harmonica. We'll be focusing here on broadcasting microphones and what makes them ideal for capturing speech. Broadcast mics are widely used in radio studios. They're ideal for voiceovers and announcing.

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