Add a Viewfinder: The Canon 7D Spacer Plate

HDSLRs shoot great video, but as video cameras, their body shape is not optimal for shooting smooth, steady footage. When shooting video, you often want to press your eye to the viewfinder to see that your shot is in focus and to have better control over the camera's movement, but with HDSLRs, smooshing your face up to the tiny viewfinder can be uncomfortable and can make getting smooth, fluid video difficult. 

A Conversation with Philip Bloom

You can’t talk about the video DSLR revolution without mentioning Philip Bloom. A British director and director of photography , Bloom launched his blog almost 3 years ago. Designed to get the attention of potential clients, the site has evolved into one of the leading forums for DSLR video discussion and education. On a recent trip to New York, Philip Bloom sat down with David Flores to discuss education, work, and the latest equipment.

5 Hiking Tips for Photographers

Photography and hiking have gone together for years and years. Whether you’re planning a day hike with friends or a 7-day solo trek, here are 5 tips to carry you through your journey. May your photos be second only to your adventures!

The Mother of All Woodpeckers

If you’re anywhere near 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street today, you should stop by for the premier of ‘Ghost Birds’, a documentary making its debut at the ‘Birds at Anthology Film Archives’ (Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave @ 2nd St.). This film is about the fabled Ivory-billed Woodpecker, a rather large and possibly extinct woodpecker that was supposedly sighted in the swamps of Brinkley, Arkansas.

NAB 2010 Roundup

Every April, those involved in professional audio/video recording from broadcasters to event videographers converge onto Las Vegas to check out what hot new product will best improve their productions. A candy store for film and video professionals, NAB is the first place for the industry to decide what to purchase and what new technology is on the cutting edge. This year NAB seemed to focus on 3D television and improved support for DSLR camera's with HD video capabilities.

Family Vacation with the Canon HF21 Camcorder

Summer break is almost here. You’ve fueled the car, packed the cooler, and programmed the GPS. It’s time for a well deserved vacation! Whether you’re headed to visit Grandma upstate or Mickey’s house down in Orlando, you don’t want to forget the sunscreen or a new HD camcorder. HD video is the gold standard for capturing all kinds of family fun. B&H’s exclusive on the new HF21 makes fun affordable.

Does Canon's 2.0.4 Firmware Make the DN101 Obsolete?

It might seem like manufacturers like juicedLink are rushing too quickly to adapt current HD capable DSLR's for video work. On the surface it may appear that Canon's new 2.0.4 firmware update for the EOS 5D Mark II renders the recently released DN101 obsolete. While Canon's new firmware does give the 5D Mark II audio meters and the option to turn off the AGC (automatic gain control) for manual control of the audio, the DN101 still provides you with some critical abilities for video production.

Mic Shockmounts for the Canon 5D Mark II

The Canon 5D MarkII with the Pearstone DUSM-1 shockmount Loads of people are shooting HD video with DSLR cameras these days, and likewise, they're discovering that attaching microphones and other audio equipment to these cameras can be a little tricky. If you want to use a professional shotgun microphone on your camera, you're going to need a special kind of mount called a "shockmount" that will help the sensitive microphone avoid handling and vibration noise. Here's a list of a few good shockmounts for DSLRs...

Diana Lenses for Video? Oh, Yeah!

Hey indie filmmakers! If your next flick calls for a wild dream sequence or soft focus under-the-influence, you should check out this little ditty from Lomographic. The Diana F+ Lens Adapter allows you to use the sweet, plastic-y goodness of a Diana lens on your video-enabled DSLR. Popular with fine art photographers and students, Diana glass plastic is bringing a new look to the moving image.

Canon Offers Instant Rebates

It’s time once again for the Canon Instant Rebate Program! If you’ve been pondering when to get into a new Canon system, consider this your sign. Between March 7 and April 3, purchase the 5D Mark II and a qualifying lens or flash and enjoy up to $1000 of instant savings. No forms to fill out. No UPCs to cut. There’s even great savings on the 7D!


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