CES 2009

Innovations Honorees from CES 2009

Each year since 1976 new products in various categories of consumer electronics are selected as especially innovative. The products are judged by a panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers, and members of the trade press. Categories include audio accessories, audio components, digital imaging, home networking, home theater accessories, personal electronics, video components, video accessories, and more.

What’s Hot? - Trends from the Consumer Electronics Show 2009

LAS VEGAS—The best place to scope out the next nine months in home electronics and entertainment is the annual CES tradeshow. The January, 2009, show revealed among other things that flat panel TV sets will become even more anorexic; LCD TVs will adopt LED-backlighting and still faster refresh rates; sound bars that project discrete audio channels will proliferate; Blu-ray Disc players will be available in a variety of styles; anything larger than an iPod will likely sprout an iPod dock; and TV sets will increasingly connect directly to the Internet so viewers have the option to receive real-time information or stream movies whenever they like. Camera and camcorder enthusiasts on the hunt for the latest features weren’t disappointed either.

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