How to Drop $725k on Gear

When it's time to buy new gear, we usually need to seek out options that offer the best bang for the buck. In the process of doing so, we're forced to suppress our deep desire for the gear that provides the loudest bang. We've rounded up of some highest-ticket items sold at the B&H SuperStore, so we could fantasize about clicking the Checkout button with the confidence of a newly-minted billionaire.

Light Bank Speed Ring 101

A light-modification tool works in conjunction with different types of AC flashes. Many professional photographers put the bare tube flash head, or monolight without the reflector, in a lightbank. The quality of light is unparalleled. It mimics window light, so the appearance is extremely natural. Your goal as a still-life photographer is the creation of lighting which never crosses the viewer’s mind as being from an artificial source.

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