Nice Pants!

When last we looked at B&H as a fashion outlet (Dressing for the Tropics), we seemed fixated on the waist up. People would stop me and say: "But Mike, what about pants?" Everyone needs them, especially pros who benefit from extra padding around the knees and hips, pockets that zip and waterproof, breathable fabric. So, today we visit the changing room, virtual like the rest of our just-try-to-kick-the-tires site.

Dressing for the Tropics—That Means Us!

With temperatures pushing into triple digits, the Northeast has become a sweltering steam bath, and no place for photographers or A/V pros to be working outside. But if you must, plan to dress for the heat. You want a lightly colored, brimmed hat like the Soundman Sun Hat from Koala (left), not a baseball cap. No matter the logo, a cap leaves your ears and the back of your neck exposed, a recipe for disaster under an unforgiving sun.

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