Studio Portraits with a Lensbaby Composer

Lensbabies are often used for extra creativity in images because of the tilt-shift effect that they mimic. Creatvity is the lifeblood of many photographers and exploring new methods keep the juices flowing. So when I was loaned a lensbaby composer for the Micro Four Thirds mount, I immediately tried to figure out how I'd use it creatively and differently from the images already on the internet.

Off to the studio we went... 

Lensbaby Composer with Tilt Transformer

Lensbabys are the photographic equivalent of puppies. And just as a puppy can turn the heart of the toughest of blowhards into mush, Lensbabys have a tendency of pulling the MTF charts out from under the starchiest of optical snobs simply because they inject a great measure of fun into the act of picture taking.

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