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Hands-On Review: Sony VAIO Boomdizzle

The new Sony VAIO E Series 14” Boomdizzle Edition Notebook is a powerful laptop computer that comes with a matching set of Sony MDR-V55 DJ headphones and a full suite of audio and video production software. A one-year subscription to My Connect Studio is included.

The New MOTU Track16: Compact and Well-Equipped

Compact, desktop-style computer audio/MIDI interfaces have really grown in popularity over the past few years, and the new Track16 from MOTU is the latest, and perhaps the most compelling addition to the bunch. 

Unify Sound and Picture with Adobe Audition CS6

The worlds of audio and video remain separate entities in most stages of production, even though they eventually become one, and can only be judged as a whole in the final steps before completion. 

Euphoric MIDI Controllers from Livid Instruments

The landscape of available MIDI controllers is crowded with plastic products that are mass produced to appeal to a broad and unfocused range of users, and the components used in these products are often compromised in order to price the products competitively.

The New EZkeys Piano and Songwriting Tool from Toontrack

If you’re a creative person who uses a computer for making music, sooner or later you’re going to wish you had an excellent sounding virtual piano at your disposal, regardless of the style you play.

New Avid Pro Tools Express Mbox Bundles

The Mbox series from Avid has always stood out as an excellent way for new users to dive into the professional realm of computer recording, and as a vehicle for experienced users to harness the power of Pro Tools in a portable and compact package. The newly announced Mbox Express Bundles continue the legacy of this popular hardware and software solution.

Native Instruments Kontrol F1: Live Remixing Gets DJ Friendly

The desire to play around with music runs to the very core of DJing. People love to pick out songs, arrange them, mix them together, tear them apart and put them back together. 

The New 2x4 Analog I/O Module for Symphony I/O from Apogee

No matter how large or small your recording studio may be (some of us have live rooms, while others only have bedrooms), there are plenty of people who prefer to work with the highest quality conversion technology available. 

Melodyne editor 2.0: Grammy-Winning Shine for Any Recording

When people complain about modern music, they often cite obnoxious, unnatural pitch correction as one of the main culprits for their dislike. Whether you agree with this assertion or not, it's important to understand that some of the tools that are used for pitch correction can also sound as natural and emotive as a stark and unprocessed Joni Mitchell recording from 1971. 

New Arrival: Line 6 Mobile Keys for iPad, Mac and Windows

When you’re picking out a controller keyboard these days, you must first determine how you’re going to use it: either with your main computer or with your mobile device, and then purchase a compatible product. However, the new Mobile Keys keyboard controllers from Line 6 are compatible, plug-and-play style, with Mac, Windows and iOS devices.


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