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RME Babyface: A Mini MIDI Audio Interface in Assorted Colors

If you’re not familiar with the RME Babyface, it’s a USB 2.0 audio and MIDI interface that offers an array of inputs and outputs in an ultra-compact form factor. 

Holiday 2012: Portable Digital Recorders

A portable digital recorder is a compact, battery-powered device that’s capable of creating high-resolution digital audio recordings. Most portable digital recorders feature built-in microphones, but some only have inputs for connecting external audio signals.

Hands-On Review of the Ion Tape 2 PC

I haven’t had a working cassette player in my home for nearly a decade, but I still have a couple shoeboxes filled with old tapes in the back of my closet. I could never bring myself to get rid of them. I’ve developed a deep psychological bond with the little things...  What does the future hold for the cassettes trapped inside the shoeboxes in my closet?

Recording Cassette Tapes into a Computer

Most people listen to digital music files these days, but that doesn’t mean your beloved old cassette tapes need to be trapped in the analog realm for eternity. It’s not terribly difficult to load your favorite tapes onto a computer and a portable MP3 player. You just need the right equipment and a little determination.

The New MOTU 4pre: Four Preamps and Beautiful Simplicity

Computer audio interfaces intimidate people who don’t have a thorough understanding of Pro Audio. “Direct Monitor” buttons and “Hi-Z-to-Line” switches can quickly rob a prospective user’s confidence. However, the new MOTU 4pre has two qualities that you never see in audio interfaces.

Pro Tools 10: More Post-Production Friendly

When Pro Tools 9 was announced, the big news was that the world’s most popular audio-production software was no longer dependent on proprietary hardware, and would now work with just about any computer audio interface. This week, its successor, Pro Tools 10 was announced, and while its new features aren’t as game changing as the last iteration, there are some sweet new tools that will improve the lives of those who mix sound to picture.

Recording Vinyl Records into a Computer

Whether you grew up listening to records, or you recently discovered collecting and playing vinyl, the idea of recording your favorite vinyl records into your computer may have crossed your mind. Having a digitized version of your vinyl collection is useful for loading songs into portable devices and for having an archive of your favorite tunes in the digital realm.

Serato DJ Intro: Free for Qualifying Hardware Owners

The New Zealand-based software manufacturer Serato Audio Research produces some of the most popular applications for DJing with a computer, but, until now, if you wanted to get into using their DJ products, purchasing a higher-end piece of proprietary hardware (like the Rane TTM-57SL or the Pioneer DDJ-S1) was required.

Native Instruments Komplete 8: Every Sound Imaginable

If you’re looking to expand the sonic palette of your digital audio workstation, you’d be hard pressed to find a more radical way to do so than by diving into Komplete 8. As the name implies, Komplete 8 is a voluminous suite of software instruments, effects and unique sound-creation tools.

Using a USB Microphone with an iPad

The iPad is known as a great media consumption device for kicking back on the sofa to surf the ’Net, watch videos and read electronic magazines, but with a little effort, an iPad can be transformed into a powerful media creation device as well.


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