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Hands-On Review: MOTU Track16

The latest audio interface technology combines impressive conversion quality and high input/output counts into small desktop devices. MOTU has long been a contender in the ring of high quality digital audio. This 10 minute video takes a thorough look at Track 16, MOTU’s latest audio interface. It also gives quick look into their flagship DAW, Digital Performer.

The New Family of Avid's MBox 3

The third generation of Avid's popular Pro Tools MBox was just announced. The new units feature a completely redesigned construction, guaranteed compatibility with all major audio applications and expanded capabilities. Check out this post for a first look at the new MBox 3 Mini, MBox 3 and MBox 3 Pro and for a comprehensive breakdown of the new features.

Komplete 7: Total Sound-Design Arsenal

Imagine you're creating a soundtrack for a film or writing a new song and you've exhausted your collection of loops and software instruments. There's an emotion you're trying to evoke and your tools just aren't cutting it. This is when the 24 instruments and effects in Native Instruments Komplete 7 save the day. In one shot you've got 90GB of sounds to create with, and it's compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

Acid Music Studio 8: Audio & MIDI Power

Sony's new Acid Music Studio 8 comes with an impressive amount of power for such an inexpensive audio application. A new piano instrument and a tube guitar amp simulator have been added, as well as movie import mix-to-picture capabilities. In this post I'll give you an idea of what's possible with this software, and show you a list of features now included in Acid Music Studio 8 that were previously only available in Acid Pro.

Living Room Correction: Test-Driving ARC

A lot of music is being made these days in bedrooms, living rooms, and garages. The sound quality you can achieve with minimal equipment is amazing, but the neutrality of your studio monitors is anything but. Treating a room properly for accurate monitoring isn't easy, but IK Multimedia's ARC promises to remedy this issue.

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