Consumer Video Camera

Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder

If you're a musician who wants to film your practice sessions or a fan in the crowd recording your favorite band, here's a common problem that can often occur: the video you shoot will end up looking OK, but the audio sounds weak and thin. For a medium in which audio is the key component and portability is important, there are relatively few options.

Video Sunglasses Allow Hands-Free Shooting

It’s difficult to hold a camcorder while, say, climbing up a sheer face in Yosemite. But there are many camcorders on the market that allow hands-free operation. The LOREXvue Video Sunglasses will capture video while freeing your hands up for other duty. You put them on, turn them on and shoot video, all while doing whatever else you like. Whatever you see, the camera sees and captures.


Pocket Camcorder Holiday Buyer's Guide

If you're trying to decide which of the various pocket camcorders to give as a gift this holiday season, or maybe to gift to yourself, this article covers several possible choices. For such seemingly simple devices, the variations in this camcorder genre can make buying one a dizzying task. But have no fear, depending on budget, interests, and needs there is definitely a pocket camcorder out there that's sure to be remembered as this year's coolest gift.

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