contemporary photography


One eye in the viewfinder, one hand cupping the lens, breathe in and at the top of the breath release the shutter. It's a mantra that was taught to me when I first started shooting. Before getting to that point, there needed to be preparation done beforehand. These pre-shooting rituals are performed by many photographers that need to either get a serious shoot done, or just want to improve themselves. Here are a couple of rituals to experiment with before you release the shutter.

2 years ago
Tips and Solutions

In March of 1903 Sears Roebuck & Company published a wonderful book titled ‘The Photographic Instruction Book’ by Townsend T Stith. The subtitle of this book required lifting with one’s knees – ‘A Systematic Course and Illustrated Hand-Book on the Modern Practices of Photography in All Its Various Branches for Amateur and Professional’. Now keep in mind this was 1903, when the term ‘New Media’ – if it had been coined back then – would have referred to the transition from wet plates to film.

4 years ago