Close Your Eyes When You're Riding the Waves

Audio waveforms are among the greatest tools that the digital audio revolution has given musicians and producers. But sometimes it's important to forget they're there. It's wonderful that so many audio tools have turned into lush, graphical experiences, but making sonic decisions based on visual information isn't always the best way to go. It's funny, when I'm working on a mix, it often takes lots of will power to pull my eyes away from the computer monitor and just listen...

PreSonus’s Studio One Pro: A Fresh Start in a DAW

We all know who the big dogs are in the DAW world, and most of us can admit that for years there has been a virtual monopoly in the world of DAWs—doing as much to hinder the progress of DAWs as it has to establish a standard. As more and more great music is produced in project studios—users are opening their minds to new software and hardware options.  PreSonus has made a name for itself making project-studio-ready hardware that compromises little quality in the name of affordability. When I learned that PreSonus was behind Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist—the newest competitor in the DAW market—my skepticism was reduced.

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