How I Built My Camera System: Duy Linh Tu

It can be very beneficial to utilize a camera support system when shooting video with a DSLR; however, it can be challenging to figure out what equipment to buy, and how elaborate of a rig you need. We spoke to Duy Linh Tu about the compact rig that he uses for shooting documentaries with his Canon 5D Mark III, how his rig has gotten smaller as it has evolved, and his approach of recording audio directly into the camera.

Interviews with the PDN 30: Eliot Dudik

Eliot Dudik is a documentary, fine art, and landscape photographer who has made PDN's 30 for 2012. His project, 'Road Ends in Water,' documents communities that live along the waterside in South Carolina. The project ended with the creation and publishing of a book of the photos.

Eliot spoke to us recently about what it's like to be included in the PDN 30, and about the project.

Interviews with the PDN 30: Andrea Gjestvang

Andrea Gjestvang was recently inducted into PDN's 30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch. She is a documentary photographer who hails from Europe. Andrea records the mannerisms of different types of people that try to resist change, and delves into various social issues and cultural differences.

Beyond this, though, her work has been in various magazines. We were able to take some time to talk to Andrea about her work, and what it's like to photograph her subjects.

The Geography of Youth: A Worldwide Documentary Photo Project

A couple of years ago, former B&H Marketing Rep Alan Winslow and his girlfriend Morrigan set out on a project to bike around the entire United States of America and document what people were doing to go green. Now, the couple is working on a new project: The Geography of Youth. This time, they're tackling the world and focusing on the youth. I got to talk to them recently about the project, the gear, and the influences.

Intro Photo by David Wright

What's in the Bag? - Interview with Chandler Griffin, Documentary Filmmaker

Chandler Griffin's feet have always been itchy.  From Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, he's walked around the globe as a documentary filmmaker. His optimistic eyes peer pensively through a thoughtful camera lens.  With human issues at the heart of his unique brand of filmmaking and teaching, he's partnered with UNESCO in Burundi, the Desmond Tutu HIV foundation in South Africa, and FXB in Rwanda.

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