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What Do You Want to See in the Canon 5D Mk II Successor?

According to The Digital Picture, the Canon 5D Mk II and 7D are subject to an optional hardware upgrade.

The full-frame 5D Mk II is still a hot-selling HDSLR, but the interwebs have been abuzz with speculation about what the potential successor will be like. Everything from RAW HD video, 4K video output, wireless flash control, much faster burst rate, to 39MP have been rumored. What features would be on your wish list? When will it come out? We'd love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below.

HDSLRs vs Camcorders: Some Basic Pros and Cons to Help You Choose

There are probably many of you who are confused about whether to purchase an HDSLR or a traditional camcorder. The choice can be confusing, but this posting will list many of the pros and cons of both, to help make the decision a bit easier. If you're interested, you can also browse through our entire HDSLR guide, featuring sections from industry-leading cinematographers.

A Conversation with Philip Bloom

You can’t talk about the video DSLR revolution without mentioning Philip Bloom. A British director and director of photography , Bloom launched his blog www.philipbloom.co.uk almost 3 years ago. Designed to get the attention of potential clients, the site has evolved into one of the leading forums for DSLR video discussion and education. On a recent trip to New York, Philip Bloom sat down with David Flores to discuss education, work, and the latest equipment.

Tips for Using the Zoom H4n in a DSLR Video Shoot

Video-enabled DSLR cameras have become the Tickle Me Elmo's of the creative production world, but one thing Elmo isn't laughing at is the audio quality of the built-in microphones. Whether your camera has a microphone input or not, you should consider using an external digital audio recorder to handle the sound recording for your next video production. Using an external audio recorder in video production and filmmaking is often referred to as "double system." This practice requires a bit more work on your part; but if the ultimate goal is to create an excellent finished product, then capturing good sound should be a top priority.

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