dust protection

Keep it Clean: Porta Brace BodyArmor

When I buy a brand-new camera, I tend to treat it like my baby. I’ll coddle it, wipe it down when a fleck of dust lands on it, and I’ll handle it as gently as I would a vial of nitroglycerin. After a few weeks, though, I’ll ease up a bit, but I’ll never feel completely comfortable diving into the dirt with my expensive gear while chasing the perfect shot.

Rules of Thumb # 2 - Battling Dust Bunnies

Keeping dust and other forms of atmospheric detritus off your camera’s imaging sensor has been one of life’s challenges since the inception of digital imaging. With more mirror-less Four Third and Micro Four Third cameras coming to market, dust issues are undoubtedly going to become even bigger issues for many shooters upgrading to interchangeable lens cameras.

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