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The GoPro HD Hero

The GoPro HD Hero is a video camera that you can take with you on all of your adventures. You can mount this camera just about anywhere you might want it to go—surfboards, bikes, cars, skateboards, motorcycles, ATVs.

VholdR Contour HD 1080p

POV, or helmet cameras, are meant to capture all the action from your perspective while being durable and simple to use. The VholdR Contour HD 1080p is the smallest, lightest, and most intuitive HD helmet camera.

Marshall Budget HDMI Monitors Help You See Clearly

Marshall, one of the most well-known and respected names in field monitors, has released an afforable line of budget monitors priced to be within the reach of just about any videographer or video hobbyist. The consumer/prosumer videographer now has a more affordable monitoring solution from Marshall, with its M-LCD7-HDMI line of consumer camera-top field monitors.

If You Can Take It Here, You Can Take It Anywhere... Photos, That Is

Two photo contests with attractive prizes are now accepting entries, though their welcome mats will be rolled up before summer's end. The first, PHOTOBOOK NYC, seeks the best pictures of New York City. Images must be submitted by Aug. 12 unless accompanied by a $10 late fee through Aug. 18. The second, World in Focus, offers the grand prize of a 10-day expedition to the Galapagos Islands courtesy of National Geographic Expeditions.

Nothing’s for Everything

In one scene of this season’s finale of the television series House, the only light appears to be coming from a flashlight in a character’s hand. The picture, nevertheless, is sharp and clear with a wide range of brightness and color, allowing detail to be seen even in the face of the flashlight holder, behind its beam.

The Cutest Little Baby Face: Baby Portraits

I love little babies, but photographing them can be challenging. I also love a challenge. Surmounting this challenge starts with my camera and lighting equipment. I use a Nikon D3s and 24-70mm Nikkor lens. I'm usually hovering right over the baby, so I prefer a shorter lens.

Slow it Down

Have you ever found yourself on a tour in some exotic country, visiting a fantastic shooting location, but at the wrong time? Say you are on a tour in France and would love to photograph a certain castle in evening light, but you only have an hour to visit the castle at midday. You do the best you can shooting in this light, and then continue with your tour.

Breaking the Ice: Photographer-Subject Relationships

We all have shared an awkward silence with perfect strangers on an elevator. We'd just as soon stare at our feet than initiate a conversation. There's some unwritten elevator law that says, "No Eye Contact or Talking is Allowed." I'm the non-conformist who breaks that law and says, "Hey there, how you doin'?"

Zen and the Art of Photography Maintenance

I started riding motorcycles before I even took up photography, way back in 1972. Both riding and photographing require a lot of practice to achieve mastery. Both pursuits can be rewarding (or frustrating) as that expertise develops (or fails to.) Both involve complex technology with numerous opportunities to spend more and more money.

Bad Weather is Good

Tornado warnings. 60 mile-per-hour winds. Rain. Lightning. Generally, when you hear these weather alerts, the last thing you are thinking about is going out to shoot. But time and again I have learned the hard way, that if you don't give it a try, you may miss a great shot.


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