Documenting the Wild World

Great nature photographs don’t happen by chance. A blend of good light and a strong composition are keys to creating images that have impact and meaning. When layered with a natural moment, remarkable images are born from the photographer’s vision, combining anticipation and execution.

Introduction to Portrait and Beauty Retouching

Retouching is a balancing act and an art. While you want to correct facial imperfections and blemishes, you also want to retain skin texture and maintain a realistic image. This presentation by Lindsay Adler will introduce you to the basic tools, techniques and programs used to retouch portrait and beauty images.

Black and White—Done Right

For many of us, our first foray into photography involved black and white film. It was readily available, and cheaper to process than color. Also, you could easily set up a home darkroom to process black and white film and prints. Color processing wasn’t for the average home user, due to its complex requirements for temperature control and chemicals.

Real Exposures Episode 2: Sean Kernan

The B&H Event Space is pleased to present a new series entitled "Real Exposures," which features one-on-one interviews with industry professionals such as high-profile photographers and filmmakers.

Portable Entry-Level Keyboards

With built-in learning features and hundreds of onboard tones, rhythms and songs, these inexpensive keyboards offer a fun way for students and enthusiasts of all ages to learn to play.

Fujifilm F80EXR

The Fujifilm F80 EXR is a travel zoom camera with 10X zoom, 12MP and Super CCD EXR sensor capable of 12,800 ISO. The F80 EXR also offers a  3" high-contrast LCD monitor, HD video with 720p resolution, and face detection that optimizes exposure and focus for faces—of cats and dogs as well as people!

Free Video From creativeLIVE featuring Jasmine Star

Tomorrow, Friday August 27, Jasmine Star is shooting a LIVE wedding as part of a groundbreaking worldwide 5-day wedding photography course hosted at creativeLIVE. In this 45-minute video, Jasmine gives us a walk through on how she approaches the day of a wedding. Tune in for this free photography workshop supported by B&H.


Jasmine Star: Timing Is Everything

I shot my first wedding in October 2006. Back then, I simply hoped for the best. Hoped the wedding wasn't delayed, hoped the family members remained nearby for formal pictures and hoped I received a timeline for the day in advance. I'll never forget the terror of standing outside—in a garden—after my first wedding on a pitch-black night for the family formal pictures.  

The Electric Sunshine Velocity Trip

Bryan Formhals will chronicle his journey with photography from the beginning, when he picked up a camera as a cure for writer’s block, to the present, in which he edits La Pura Vida. He will share a selection of his photographs as well as his ideas about social media and photography on the Internet.

ProPhotoInsights Takes Us to Greylake Sluice

In this ProPhotoInsights Snapshot video, we are going to take you to a location in the beaufiful Southwest of England, called Greylake Sluice. Here at our location we explain what we are hoping to capture from the location, and give you a brief tour around.


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