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Sony Alpha a33 and Alpha a55 DSLR's

After two-plus years of claiming they're not going to incorporate video capture into their DSLR product line until they can overcome the limitations of DSLR capture—i.e, no autofocus and viewfinder blackout during video capture—Sony has introduced two compact DSLRs that address both issues.

Is Olympus' EV-2 Viewfinder the Missing Link?

When the Olympus EV-2 electronic viewfinder was first announced (along with the Olympus E-P2 Pen Digital camera) I had a feeling they were onto something. After finally getting one to play with I know they’re onto something, and it’s something that I hope other manufacturers start picking up on. With the exception of DSLRs and bridge-style cameras, viewfinders are quickly vanishing as cameras become tinier as LCDs grow conversely larger. And with dot-counts passing the 1-million mark, the resolving power of LCDs is finally making LCD viewing viable and trustworthy for the most discriminating needs, i.e., you can actually focus a lens manually based on the image on the screen and get sharp pictures.

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