Pieces of the Puzzle: Mise-En-Scene in Photography

Back in college, I learned a term in cinematography class: Mise-en-scene. To sum it up in short, Mise-en-Scene is everything that goes in front of the camera (or affects it) in that particular scene. It has to do with various elements such as the lighting, costumes, backgrounds, foregrounds, positioning, props, etc. Then it hit me: If film crews put so much effort into storyboarding to make sure that everything is perfect, why don't most photographers apply that same careful effort to photography?

New ikan Elements HDSLR Support Systems: Get a Grip on HD Video Image Quality

How successful you are at capturing sharp, steady video imagery using HDSLRs can often boil down to the integrity of your HDSLR support system. And as anyone who has tried it can attest to, handheld video with a DSLR is about a dicey as it gets. To help you get a better grip on your HDSLR, the ikan Corporation has introduced the Elements HDSLR support system, which can make a huge difference in the look, feel and overall image quality of your video output.

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