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We Now Present: Jeff Cable's Greatest Hits

Is Jeff Cable a smooth, Vegas-style crooner? A flügelhorn virtuoso? A singing cowboy? Nope. Jeff is a talented photographer and an excellent public speaker, and B&H has been fortunate to have him host a number of lectures at our Event Space. Recently, it came to our attention that the YouTube videos of his presentations have racked up nearly half a million views, which is impressive, considering that most of them are well over an hour in length. We decided to mark the occasion by sharing this collection of Jeff Cable’s Greatest Hits.

At the Event Space: Frank Dispensa's Print Competition

Recently, Frank Dispensa lectured in the Event Space, speaking first about “Creating the Perfect Digital Negative.“ (If you missed it, you can purchase it on a DVD directly from Frank’s website.) Later on, he held his own print competition, where he judged various entries. The participants competed for some really cool prizes as well.

What's on the Menu, Presented by Canon

In these videos, Canon USA’s Rudy Winston will give you insight—not just a quick definition—of what every item on the EOS 7D camera’s menu does. Rudy will start with the first shooting menu and proceed through each one from there.

The Random Adventures of J. Diamond

It all began in the back seat of my grandparents’ car when I was seven years old. While riding with my entourage of stuffed animals, I became inspired to use my very first camera, a hot pink Kodak 110 Instamatic. During the short duration of the trip, I used an entire roll of film to photograph my furry friends.

Intro to Color Theory and Color Profiles

Todd Schneider, from Epson, delivers a presentation on color theory and creating printer profiles which will help produce the best prints possible on your Epson printer. Todd provides an in-depth look at how to maximize the performance of the Epson driver and printer, so that you learn how to obtain optimal color and black-and-white results.

"Beyond Collodion," with Jill Enfield

Jill Enfield is an esteemed fine-art photographer who is constantly innovating and adapting new techniques to produce an aesthetically unique body of work. From wet-plate collodion to images on tiles, you will be enthralled by this one-hour lecture.

"Getting a Grip" on Canon EOS Custom Functions, hdslr

The custom functions in a digital SLR camera are among the keys to unlocking its true potential, but many photographers find them difficult to understand and use. Rudy Winston from Canon delivers a presentation at the B&H Event Space that will simplify the custom functions in EOS digital SLRs by highlighting the most commonly used ones and providing examples of when to use them to obtain the greatest benefits.

Simple Storage: Archive and Backup for Creative Professionals

Creators of digital media, both professional and amateur, have voracious storage requirements. They require high-performance storage for  photo and video editing with programs like Aperture, iPhoto, Photoshop and Lightroom, Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Additionally, creators need secure storage to back up and protect their work. Digital-media creators are not Information Technology (IT) experts, and selecting storage systems is not their primary focus.

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