Photography Accessories to Give You a Different Angle

Look through Facebook and loads of other photo-sharing services, and you'll see many photos from the same angle of view. Why not go for a totally different angle that hasn't been tried before? There are accessories to help you reach those angles that only Superman can get to: way up above, way down below, and ones that make people go, "How did the photographer do that?!" Here's a quick round up of such accessories.

Seeing Made Easier

According to internet authorities, about 64% of the U.S. population (about 96 million of us) wears glasses. And depending on which of these authorities you place your bets with, about 1.5% of the world population wear glasses; though another site claims 5%.  According to yet another site, about 74% of all librarians, 71% of all teachers, 56% of all lawyers, 27% of all artists, and about 20% of all actors and actresses also wear glasses. And for what it’s worth about 60% of the male population and 62% of the female population disagree with the adage ‘Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”’.  

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