Mid-Level DSLR

When categorizing the many DSLRs we carry at B&H into three groups—entry level, midrange and professional— there are some models that, depending on their attributes, price points or your point of view, fall into more than one camp. Our selection of mid-range DSLRs is no exception. You can call them "Mid-Range" cameras, but a few of them are well up to the challenge of full-time pro shooting.

The Standout Pocket Shooters of 2008

This is the last chapter in the "best of 2008" trilogy, unofficially titled, The Pocket Camera Strikes Again. Jokes aside, manufacturers have become quite serious in making their cameras increasingly more specialized and unique. A few years ago, when walking up to a wall of point and shoot cameras on display, you might have had a hard time discerning the subtle differences in the sea of silver plastic bodies. Nowadays, not only are color choices available, there are also plenty of specialty tools such as RAW file formats, wide-aperture and wide-angle optics, built-in GPS receivers, high definition videos, and HD video. So let's take a look at some of the brightest cadets of the class of 2008.

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