A Brief Introduction to ISO

You've probably heard of the term ISO before. But do you know what it means? If someone told you that you need to raise your ISO settings to compensate for the diminished light, would you know what they're talking about? If you don't know, here is a quick guide, straight from the EDU Advantage Team.

Intro to Color Theory and Color Profiles

Todd Schneider, from Epson, delivers a presentation on color theory and creating printer profiles which will help produce the best prints possible on your Epson printer. Todd provides an in-depth look at how to maximize the performance of the Epson driver and printer, so that you learn how to obtain optimal color and black-and-white results.

The B&H Point-and-Shoot Primer - A How-to Guide for 'Simple' Cameras

In general, the menus and exposure options found on point-and-shoot digicams are not all that different. If you can get one up and running, chances are you can get most any of them up and running. The shapes, locations, and nomenclature of the menu buttons and icons vary camera to camera, but the logic behind them are pretty much the same.

Headphones on my Mind - A Quick Guide to Choosing a Pair of Traditional Headphones

I'm often asked for recommendations on what headphones to use with an iPod or other portable media device. Recently, there's been a trend towards questions about "traditional" headphones from people wanting to listen to their iPods at home or in the office. So how do we choose a traditional headphone that's comfortable, offers good sound quality, and won't break the bank? Here are factors to keep in mind.

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