The New Sony DCR-SX Camcorders

Three new Sony Handycam models are about to make their way from the factory assembly line to the shelves of our store: the DCR-SX45, DCR-SX65, and the DCR-SX85. Each model features a 3" touch-screen display (the previous generations had smaller screens that lacked touch control), and lots of new functions and features that make using these cameras easier than ever. Check out this post to get the skinny on these powerful and affordable handheld video cameras.

The Touch Camcorder That Knows Its Place

Though inexpensive flash memory camcorders have been snapped up by consumers in droves in recent years, even casual users recognize their severe limitations. Typically, these devices offer a lackluster lens, provide only digital zoom, and perform poorly in dim light or an unsteady hand. Manual controls, touch screens, and GPS simply aren't included in the equipment. All this helps explain why cameras that record to tape or hard disks continue to be preferred by home video enthusiasts.

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