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Recovering Erased Images/Data from Your Memory

Losing images is perhaps one of the biggest, yet little-thought-about fears of many professional photographers and hobbyist shooters. Unfortunately, there are people out there that do not know how to recover images if they are lost. I talked to a few industry experts, asking them to share their knowledge about image recovery and software.

Seth Resnik, David H. Wells, Ziv Gillat (creator of the Eye-Fi card) and John Christopher of DriveSavers, Inc. all shared their insights with me.

Finding Gems Once Lost

In today's world of large-capacity memory cards, we tend to snap the shutter button more liberally than in generations previous. Our archives fill up quickly, and we forget about the images that we've shot. Upon registering for 500px.com, I read about their emphasis on including only your best work. Since it was a whole new start for me after having been on Flickr for a while, I booted up the external hard drives in a quest to find hidden gems.

Slimming Down Storage

Sometimes a picture says it all. That’s exactly the case with
’s new Z-series family of hard drives, just announced today. The new 2.5-inch hard drives contain just a single platter and measure only 7mm in height. That’s just a tiny bit more than ¼ inch, and looking at the picture you can immediately envision the super-slim notebooks, netbooks, and tablets that will surely come to market in the near future.

Digital Storage for Photographers - RAID 1 Storage Solutions

Digital photography has forced professionals to rethink archiving of work. Physical negatives have transformed into digital files, which are only as stable as the media on which they are stored.

Hard disks are extremely delicate pieces of technology: a magnetic storage disc read by a mechanism that under normal circumstances never physically comes in contact with the platter. Problems arise when conditions are not normal; if the reading mechanism touches the platter… well, kiss the data goodbye. Computer hard disks are more reliable than they were a decade ago, but disk failure is still a fact of life.

So, it's not a matter of if a hard disk will fail; it's a matter of when a disk will fail. Armed with this knowledge, it's imperative that photographers implement a solid backup scheme for digital images. This article is going to cover one way of protecting data – RAID 1 storage.

Western Digital 1TB External Hard Drive

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