Holiday 2012: Manual Focus SLR Lenses

With all of the technological advancements in the world of autofocus—both in relation to the lenses themselves as well as camera’s AF features—manual focus lenses have also gained popularity recently for a number of reasons.

Holiday 2012: Portable Digital Recorders

A portable digital recorder is a compact, battery-powered device that’s capable of creating high-resolution digital audio recordings. Most portable digital recorders feature built-in microphones, but some only have inputs for connecting external audio signals.

New from Canon: EOS C300/C300 PL Cinema Cameras

Canon Inc. and Canon U.S.A., Inc. today raised the curtain on an all-new interchangeable-lens digital cinema camera that combines exceptional imaging performance with outstanding mobility and expandability to meet the demanding production needs of today's motion picture industry.

Canon EOS-1D X: New Top-Gun HDSLR

After months of speculation and an untold number of rumors, Canon has unveiled its new flagship camera—the Canon EOS-1D X. Most impressively, the new camera, which replaces both the EOS-1Ds Mk III and EOS-1D Mk IV, improves upon previous Canon EOS 1D-series HDSLRs in every which way.

Using a Matte Box to Enhance Your Video Production

If you’re actively honing your skills as a videographer, either with camcorders or HDSLRs, try working with matte boxes to enhance your video production and kick it up a notch in quality.

Tascam DR-40: A Budget-Friendly, XLR-Equipped Portable Recorder

There are lots of compact portable digital recorders on the market today that are popular among musicians, journalists and HDSLR filmmakers, but not many of them feature professional XLR inputs. Having the ability to connect XLR microphones and line-level sources to a recorder is appealing because it’s the best sounding, low-noise analog connection available.

New Lumix G Series Lens Firmware Improves Video Capabilities

Panasonic’s Lumix cameras do an outstanding job of capturing still images, but they’re also very popular tools for shooting high-definition video. A new firmware update for seven of its G Series Lumix lenses was announced today that enhances their ability to shoot smoother-looking video.

The New Roland R-26: A Six-Track Field Recorder

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate handheld portable digital recorder, the new Roland R-26 should be on your radar. It’s capable of recording up to six channels of high-resolution audio and supplies you with an army of high quality, built-in microphones and audio inputs to get the job done.

Manfrotto LED Continuous Lighting Kits for Everyday Users

Even though almost all cameras have built-in flashes, sometimes you want or need additional light power in order to capture a better photograph. Rather than adding an extra accessory flash, many photographers have been turning to LED light panels.

Manfrotto LED Continuous Lighting Kits for Hobbyists

LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) accessory lights for digital cameras are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to electronic flash for adding auxiliary light to low lighting conditions. The benefits of continuous LED lighting include cool operating temperatures and low power consumption. 


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