Holiday Gift Guides

Media Receivers

These players make streaming movies, videos, photos and music from the Net to your TV or nightstand fun.

Portable Entry-Level Keyboards

With built-in learning features and hundreds of onboard tones, rhythms and songs, these inexpensive keyboards offer a fun way for students and enthusiasts of all ages to learn to play.


Lensbaby makes a number of different lenses for digital SLR cameras, most of them built around the concept of creative use of tilt-shift photography. While traditional tilt-shift lenses are designed for precise control and perspective correction for architectural photography, Lensbaby takes the exact opposite approach for their lenses.

Tripod Heads and Legs

For many first-time DSLR buyers, a tripod can be an afterthought of an accessory. I’ve seen many friends spend close to a thousand dollars on the latest DSLR with all of the bells and whistles—HD video recording, an image stabilized lens, multiple focusing points and what have you—only to mate it with the shoddiest tripod you can imagine. 

Great Values in Video Gear

Here are several pieces of video gear available from B&H that add great production value to the work of any videographer—without breaking the bank.

Tabletop & Mini Tripods

Every photographer, both amateur and professional, has at one time or another rested their camera on a rock, a crumpled coat, or some other handy object when they didn’t have access to a more traditional camera support. You might need to do this when you want to get into a photo yourself or when you can’t hold a camera steady in low light. Many tripods are too big and heavy to carry with you at all times. But here we have a collection of tabletop and miniature tripods that are so small and compact you can keep one with you every day. They also make great gifts for photographers who seem to have everything else.

Hard Cases

Professional photographic gear and other electronic equipment is expensive and delicate. But you already knew that. When you’re carrying your own gear you can afford to be as careful with it as possible. But once you hand off your gear to someone else—airport baggage handlers, limo drivers, overnight couriers, and the like—the only thing safeguarding your gear is the case you put it in. If you have anything worth protecting you should do it the way the pros do—with Pelican hard cases.

TVs — Up to 19"

Before analog TV broadcasting bit the dust, portable TVs were often seen at a tailgate party or picnic, on a beach blanket or in the backyard. With the switch to digital broadcasting, set owners may as well use them as doorstops. Now, outdoor viewing is back with portable DTVs. With a digital tuner, antenna and rechargeable battery, a portable LCD TV takes advantage of free DTV channels in the air.

Macro Lenses

Regardless of the focal length of your favorite lens, I'd venture to say you've been in situations where you've tried to focus in tight on your subject and inevitably hit the wall—the minimum focus point of your lens. Sure you can crop, but in a perfect world it would be swell if each of our lenses would focus as close to our subjects as our mind's eye focuses. Alas, the world isn't perfect... but we do have macro lenses.

Camcorders Under $600

You’ve got a lot of options these days when it comes to shooting video. You can shoot video with a multimedia phone, or you can opt for the convenience and decent image quality of a shoot-and-share camera like the Flip, or you can even shoot video with your digital camera. All of these options are great when you just want to capture a moment and maybe post it quickly to YouTube, but when you want more quality and a few more bells and whistles, your best option is still a handy, compact camcorder. 


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