Impact Mini LiteTrek (LT) Power Pack

In this video, we take a look at the Impact Lite Trek (LT) Power Pack.  This power pack is intended for photographers on the go who  require portable DC-battery power for their camera flash or monolight.

Impact LiteTrek 4.0 Monolight and Battery Kit

In this video, we take a look at the Impact Lite Trek 4.0 Monolight and Power Pack Kit. This kit is intended for photographers on the go who require a DC-powered camera flash system. The greatest benefit, when using DC-powered flash units, is that no electrical outlets are needed.  You can shoot seaside, mountainside, or virtually anywhere without being bound by electrical cords. Imagine the possibilities.


Professional Images with a Point-and-Shoot

Like many of you, I don't always like to shoot with my DSLR, because of how bulky and heavy it can be. Sometimes, I just want a good point-and-shoot. But to get a really good photo, lighting is so important. I'm a big lover of strobist techniques, so using them with a point-and-shoot was always something that I wanted to test out a bit.

Impact Octacool Light Kit

Short of a north-facing skylight, one of the most useful tools in any studio lighting system is a light box. Complimentary to people and products alike, the soft, flattering wash of light afforded by a softbox fixture is now affordably available in the form of the Impact Octacool Fluorescent Light Kit.

Zack Arias: Impact 60-Inch Umbrella

If  Zack Arias had to choose a single light modifier for the next six months of his life, what would it be? No question about it, according to Zack: The Impact  60-inch convertible umbrella from B&H.

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