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New at Summer NAMM: The Yamaha P-105, an iPad-Friendly Digital Piano

It would be amazing to have a Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano in your home, but not everyone has the space to fit a massive instrument in their living room, nor the $100,000+ required to purchase one. 

Apple’s new iPad: The Laptop Replacement?

Can your iPad replace your notebook computer? This is probably the most asked question since the iPad made its debut in April of 2010. Now in its third generation, Apple continues to impress with the new iPad.

Sharing and Saving Images and Videos on your iPhone, iPod and iPad

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, so unless you were motivated to carry a nice camera out the door, your mobile device is likely the one you're shooting with.

Compact Support Solutions: Portable Systems for Your Smartphone, Tablet and Mobile Devices

Thanks to amazing advancements in portable media, you can now capture gorgeous still images and video with your smartphone, as well as with your tablet PC. Of course, you need not use these devices exclusively for photography or videography. 

10 Ways the new iPad can help Professional Filmmakers

There is no doubt that the new iPad, with its high resolution "retina" display, is a wonderful media consumption device. Although it isn’t capable of shooting or editing any professional video footage quite yet, it can still be an invaluable tool for any filmmaker’s toolkit. 

Confidently Mount iPads and Orchestral Scores with R.A.T. Stands

Imagine you have to give a presentation in front of a large audience, and you need to have an iPad mounted on a floor stand for your presentation. But even if you look good, your presentation may not come off as professionally as you hoped.

Imaginative new iPad Apps for Creative Professionals

The relevance of Apple’s new iPad (third generation) is bolstered by the ever-expanding catalog of apps available from the Apple App Store. Each new app has the potential to redefine how we use tablets in our lives, for everything from business to play.

Photographers and the new iPad

Apple’s new iPad has its obvious appeal and values that make it a go-to tool for numerous situations. Its wide-ranging functionality and general all-around utility makes it an ideal component to almost anyone’s daily life.

Hands-On Review: GarageBand on the new iPad

There are a vast number of powerful music-making apps available for the new iPad, but if you’re interested in creating tunes with this ubiquitous touch device, one app that’s really worth checking out is the iOS version of GarageBand by Apple.

Hands-On Review of the Apogee MiC

The MiC from Apogee clearly demonstrates that advances in technology can deliver exceptional quality at ever lower price points. But that’s not the main feature of this condenser microphone. 


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