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Holiday 2012: Apple AirPlay for Wireless Tunes

When Apple decided to license its AirPlay technology to speaker and receiver manufacturers so their components could play audio wirelessly from iTunes on a Windows or Macintosh computer or from such iOS devices as an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, few realized how many companies would bite.

Holiday 2012: Multi-Room Wireless Music Streaming from Sonos

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stereo system in every room of your house? You could continuously listen to music or the news as you accomplished tasks in each space. The Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi System takes this idea to a whole new level, expanding it to functionality never before possible.

Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo

This B&H video reviews the Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo 3D Multi-Touch Pad Controller. The QuNeo is an ultra-portable, light-up pad controller that offers touch recognition in multiple dimensions for drum programming, DJ-ing, VJ-ing, performing and more. It features 27 pads, sliders and rotary sensors that are pressure, velocity and location sensitive.

Holiday 2012: An Overview of Tablet Computers

Mobility and versatility are the leading reasons to choose a tablet. With a size and weight factor between computer and smartphone and the ability to deliver entertainment and information with equal dexterity, today’s tablets are windowed panels on the world that millions of people now carry.

Here Hello Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Her sweetness is beloved by young children and rock stars alike. Her face adorns many items, from airplanes to toasters. And now Hello Kitty fans have even more to love with their favorite kitty's adorable face on laptop accessories and electronic gadgets galore!

New at Summer NAMM: The Yamaha P-105, an iPad-Friendly Digital Piano

It would be amazing to have a Yamaha CFIIIS Grand Piano in your home, but not everyone has the space to fit a massive instrument in their living room, nor the $100,000+ required to purchase one. 

Apple’s new iPad: The Laptop Replacement?

Can your iPad replace your notebook computer? This is probably the most asked question since the iPad made its debut in April of 2010. Now in its third generation, Apple continues to impress with the new iPad.

Sharing and Saving Images and Videos on your iPhone, iPod and iPad

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, so unless you were motivated to carry a nice camera out the door, your mobile device is likely the one you're shooting with.

Compact Support Solutions: Portable Systems for Your Smartphone, Tablet and Mobile Devices

Thanks to amazing advancements in portable media, you can now capture gorgeous still images and video with your smartphone, as well as with your tablet PC. Of course, you need not use these devices exclusively for photography or videography. 

10 Ways the new iPad can help Professional Filmmakers

There is no doubt that the new iPad, with its high resolution "retina" display, is a wonderful media consumption device. Although it isn’t capable of shooting or editing any professional video footage quite yet, it can still be an invaluable tool for any filmmaker’s toolkit. 


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