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Must-Have Audio Apps for the new iPad

The iPad has proven itself to be an outstanding tool for normal daily activities, like surfing the web in your pajamas. In the arena of music production, iPads have changed the script completely. Audio and MIDI apps are a perfect fit for Apple’s generously-sized multi-touch device.

Hands-On Review: the Fireface UCX Audio Interface

With the Fireface UCX, RME has successfully delivered another high-end pro audio interface. The Fireface UCX takes up only a half-rack space and offers 18 input and 18 output channels. It works with your computer, as a stand-alone unit, or with your iPad or iPad 2.

Targus Has Your iPad Covered

Are you someone who likes to relax, search the Internet and casually play games on your Apple iPad at home? Or do you think of yourself as a business-savvy go-getter, taking your iPad daily to the office, meetings or on business trips?

Give your Mother a Trendy Computer Tablet on Mother’s Day

With Mother's Day looming just before us, now might be a great time to open your mom's mind to the usefulness and convenience of tablet computing. The iPad is tremendously popular, and an awesome piece of technical goodness to boot. But there are many other tablets to choose from.

ioShutter Fires Your SLR with an iPhone or iPad

Photographers may want to remove their earphones for this one. There’s an unlikely reason to use the headphone jack on their iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. By connecting the ioShutter Shutter Release Cable between it and your Canon, Pentax or Hasselblad, among other cameras, you’ll have touch-screen control through a free downloadable app.

New Speaker Docks from Pyle Home

Waking up to an iPad or iPhone has never been sweeter on your eyes and ears than with one of these new speaker dock systems from Pyle Home. 

New Aluratek iStream Audio Receiver Brings Dock-Free Bluetooth Connectivity

The great promise of smartphones and gadgets like the iPod touch and tablet computers is that they enable you to do a million different things, all while listening to your favorite music. However, when you connect your device to a speaker system, you can no longer hold it in your hand and continue doing a million different things. 

Vibrant Colors and Stark Minimalism Unite in the iPhone-Ready URBANEARS Headphones

Skillfully executed minimal design doesn’t always blend with its surroundings. If you disagree, pop on a pair of Grape-colored Plattan or Tanto headphones from URBANEARS the next time you’re dressed up and waiting for a job interview to begin.

New Arrival: Line 6 Mobile Keys for iPad, Mac and Windows

When you’re picking out a controller keyboard these days, you must first determine how you’re going to use it: either with your main computer or with your mobile device, and then purchase a compatible product. However, the new Mobile Keys keyboard controllers from Line 6 are compatible, plug-and-play style, with Mac, Windows and iOS devices.

New Brother HL-3075CW Color Laser Printer with Mobile App Support

It’s no secret that you get more bang for the buck with a network printer, but sharing has been mainly limited to computer users. Now, anyone who carries an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet can print wirelessly to an increasing number of Wi-Fi enabled printers. 


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