iPod Unbound! - Lose the buds and share the music

Home is no place for earbuds. They get in the way while shaving or when your family is trying to ask you a question during dinner. When earphones aren't cool but music is welcomed for all, options include putting your Wi-Fi network to work, broadcasting in FM, and leveraging the Wi-Fi compatibility of an in-hand or docked iPod touch or iPhone.

iPods with Jobs, How-to Put Your iPod to Work

A wide range of products is becoming available, whose components enable you to tap into the power of an iPod in ways you may not have realized were possible. Integrating your iPod seamlessly with a sound system for live performance, presentations, and weddings has never been easier. In situations where multiple people share the same sound system, new rack-mountable iPod docks make it easy for everyone to get their music playing, a lifesaver for aerobic studios, theaters, rehearsal spaces, bars and restaurants.

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