A New juicedLink Box with Extra Juice!

The juicedLink DT454 in actionThe quiet little world of camera XLR adapters has been ablaze with activity lately. Here's a brief recap: the juicedLink DN101 came out and proved to be a great accessory for DSLR video shooters who own a CX series juicedLink XLR adapter. The latest news is great for people who need to plug professional microphones into their video-enabled DSLR cameras, but don't own an XLR adapter yet. JuicedLink has released the DT454, which gives you all of the functionality of a CX series box, with a DN101 built-in.

Does Canon's 2.0.4 Firmware Make the DN101 Obsolete?

It might seem like manufacturers like juicedLink are rushing too quickly to adapt current HD capable DSLR's for video work. On the surface it may appear that Canon's new 2.0.4 firmware update for the EOS 5D Mark II renders the recently released DN101 obsolete. While Canon's new firmware does give the 5D Mark II audio meters and the option to turn off the AGC (automatic gain control) for manual control of the audio, the DN101 still provides you with some critical abilities for video production.

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