An Intro To HDR Photography Brought to You By Kelby Training and B&H Photo

One of the limitations of today's digital cameras is that they cannot capture the dynamic range of the human eye. Indeed, our eyes are very sensative organs and have much more latitude than an imaging sensor. Back in the film days, we used to dodge and burn accordingly to get what we wanted. But these days, we just create a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo. In the video below, the experts over at Kelby Training give us an intro to this process and show us how it can be useful in practical situations.

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HDR Photo Managing Brought to You by KelbyTraining and B&H Photo

In this quick video tip, shows you how to manage your bracketed photos better in Adobe Lightroom 3. Exposure bracketing is done often with HDR photography, and because of the large volume of photos that are taken you will end up using a lot of storage space. This tutorial video will help you to manage that space a bit better by gettign rid of the clutter.

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