Viewfinder to the eye, focus while exposing, control the breathing, pray to Cartier-Bresson, release the shutter—that is how I shoot film. Though I use digital for my professional work for many reasons, I still love to shoot film. It's fun, and besides, there is a slight adrenaline rush that comes from not knowing whether or not I got the shot. 

4 years ago

For the longest time, the words 'new from Leica' sounded like an oxymoron, but on 9/9/09, Leica's Chief Executive Officer Rudi Spiller, along with Director of Product Management Stefan Daniel and the musician/photographer Seal, announced the introduction of 2 new Leica rangefinder cameras – the Leica M9 and Leica X1 - along with the official debut of the medium-format Leica S2. And they were able to make these announcements with straight faces and without chuckles from the audience. Sarcasm aside, these are truly heady days for Leica and long-time Leica aficionados around the world.

5 years ago