How to Make Your Digicam See Wider & Tighter

We're big fans of pocket cameras simply because, unlike bulkier DSLRs, they're more likely to be handy when you need them. With the exception of newer point-and-shoot digicams and bridge cameras with10x-, 15x-, and 20x-plus zoom lenses, most pocket cams come up short when it comes to satisfying wider angle and/or longer telephoto needs. If your digicam features a threaded lens mount or accessory ring,  Zeikos offers a selection of optical extenders that enables you to capture wider fields of view—including fisheye—as well as longer telephoto shots.

Projected Photography as a Means for Creating An Off-Broadway Set

When director Rick Mowat needed a quick and inexpensive solution for staging a play that involved multiple street locations and a hospital room, he turned to New York City photographer Stephen Andrus and a Panasonic projector. The nearly carpentry- and paint-free production of the new drama, Coda (For Freddie Blue) by Fred Crecca, can be seen June 10 - 13 at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, 340 W. 47 St.

The DSLR Filmmaker's Guide to Zeiss Optics

High Definition Video recording has redefined the digital SLR and opened the door to an exciting new world of imaging possibilities. Journalists, wedding photographers, and other professionals have embraced this technology-expanding services and enjoying higher profit returns. Television shows such as Saturday Night Live and Dollhouse have employed video-enabled DSLRs for their unobtrusive form factor and unique imaging qualities. In the coming months, commercial spots, independent productions, and even feature films will showcase the amazing video of these powerful new cameras.

Tilt-Shift Lenses - A Primer for Image Control Freaks

When it comes to creative control, it's handy to be able to tinker with the laws of optics when the need arises, and that's what tilt-shift lenses enable you to do. By rotating, tilting, and/or shifting the forward section of the lens, tilt-shift optics enable you to selectively expand or reduce the plane-of-focus as well as reposition the subject within the frame from a fixed camera position.


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