Highlights from PhotoPlus 2013

The PDN PhotoPlus Expo took place in New York City, and B&H was everywhere. We were exhibitors at the show (booth #455), and we posted a storm of show updates on B&H Insights, Twitter and Instagram. There was a bunch of compelling new products on display at the show, so we've rounded up the most interesting highlights in this post.

PhotoPlus 2013: Specialty Lenses and Filters from Lensbaby, and LEE Filters

Sometimes your favorite lens just won't get you what you need, and that's where Lensbaby and LEE Filters come in handy. Lensbaby produces specialty selective-focus lenses. There is a wide selection of nice optics, like the Edge 80 and Sweet 35, which work perfectly with the Composer. I must say that seeing them in action is pretty cool, but they take some getting used to. It's not every day you have access to these effects, unless you own a Lensbaby.

B&H Pulse Weekly News Roundup: May 4th, 2012

This week in the news: Nvidia unveils the GeForce GTX 690 GPU; Flickr buddied up with Pinterest; new camera bags from Lowepro and Think Tank were announced, and more.

This is your B&H Photo Pulse News Roundup for May 4th, 2012.

Studio Portraits with a Lensbaby Composer

Lensbabies are often used for extra creativity in images because of the tilt-shift effect that they mimic. Creatvity is the lifeblood of many photographers and exploring new methods keep the juices flowing. So when I was loaned a lensbaby composer for the Micro Four Thirds mount, I immediately tried to figure out how I'd use it creatively and differently from the images already on the internet.

Off to the studio we went... 


Lensbaby makes a number of different lenses for digital SLR cameras, most of them built around the concept of creative use of tilt-shift photography. While traditional tilt-shift lenses are designed for precise control and perspective correction for architectural photography, Lensbaby takes the exact opposite approach for their lenses.

Lensbaby Composer with Tilt Transformer

Lensbabys are the photographic equivalent of puppies. And just as a puppy can turn the heart of the toughest of blowhards into mush, Lensbabys have a tendency of pulling the MTF charts out from under the starchiest of optical snobs simply because they inject a great measure of fun into the act of picture taking.

Gifts for the Right & Left Side of the Brain

The Un-Rebels

Quick. Name a very cool camera that looks like a Holga, takes Holga-style pictures, and comes in colors. Stumped? How about a color Holga? Designed to capture 'artsy-type' pictures with dark fuzzy edges, these modern classics are now available in Blooze Brothers, Violet, Sunset Boulevard, Oscar, Twilight Zone, Pretty in Pink, Yellow Brick Road, Jawz, Casablanco, and Commando. Aside from their retro design, they also shoot a retro media – film*.

Holga 178-120 Medium Format 120N Camera with Built-in Lens (Pretty in Pink) Holga 176-120 Medium Format 120N Camera with Built-in Lens (Yellow Brick Road) Holga 186-120 Medium Format 120N Camera with Built-in Lens (Blooze Brothers) Holga 173-120 Medium Format 120N Camera with Built-in Lens (Casablanco)

Holga 188-120 Medium Format 120N Camera with Built-in Lens (Commando) Holga 180-120 Medium Format 120N Camera with Built-in Lens (Oscar) Holga 180-120 Medium Format 120N Camera with Built-in Lens (Twilight Zone) Holga 183-120 Medium Format 120N Camera with Built-in Lens (Violet)

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