Holiday 2012: Family Pictures in Low Light

As the holidays approach, it’s a good time to get your game on, in terms of all those family photos you will be taking. Getting little Junior to smile and Uncle Harry to pay attention may be the most difficult aspects of creating a shareable family shot, but there are some technical elements surrounding quality holiday photography that we should discuss now.

Impact Beauty Dishes and Accessories

Impact has recently introduced a full line of beauty dish reflectors and accessories to help control the light output of a studio strobe unit. These tools are compatible with a wide array of studio strobe lights and each piece is modular to enable use of the same beauty dish with a variety of different lights.

Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

A Photographer's Workstation Part 2

Lloyd Chambers will show how to set up a high-performance photographer's workstation using the Apple Mac Pro.

A Photographer's Workstation Part 1

Lloyd Chambers will show how to set up a high-performance photographer's workstation using the Apple Mac Pro.

Perfect Light in Any Location

When the lighting is perfect, shooting a wedding is easy. But that doesn’t happen often, perhaps an hour outdoors at the end of a sunny day. What about the rest of the occasion? Professional photographer Moshe Zusman comes to the rescue with a series of solutions that can work in any location.

Food Photography: Concept to Completion

Pictures of food surround us daily, whether they're commercials on TV, images on food packaging, or in the pages of cookbooks. But there’s more to the art than might be obvious at first glance.

Portable, Cool and Functional: the Bescor LED-500

The Bescor LED-500 lighting kits are powerful lighting solutions that use substantially less power and radiate much less heat than comparable incandescent lighting sources.

Introduction to Studio Lighting

Join B&H maven Joey Quintero as he provides an overview of the essential principles, techniques, and tools for lighting. This workshop will cover both strobe and continuous lighting equipment and methods utilizing affordable and quality Impact Lighting. By starting out with using just one main light, Joey will demonstrate how to do a lot with a little.

Just Gimme the F-Stop Part 4

Photographer Neil van Niekerk shows how to get to correct exposure, find beautiful light, and enhance existing light with controlled use of flash.


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