Light It! The Making of an iPad and iPhone App Part 1

Join photographer/author Rick Sammon and Emmy-award winner videographer David Leveen to see how they created Light It! – an app for both the iPhone and iPad that is all about creative lighting techniques for the photo enthusiast.

Lighting for Portraiture

This Event Space comprehensive workshop (led by Dave Piazza of Westcott) allows you to get up close and personal with the equipment used to capture award-winning images from the top pros. This longer seminar enables an in-depth and extensive discussion of lighting theories and concepts.

Hands-on Review: Impact Qualite

A professional lighting unit with barndoors that provides an even focusing beam. Also available is the Lumelite, a mini light that packs a punch and is a great complement to any shoot.

Hands-on Review: Impact Mini Boom Lights

The Impact Porcelain Socket is the foundation for all the photo-flood kits. Easy-set up that allows for studio quality results.

Hands-on Review: Impact EX-100A

An economic solution for the novice photographer looking to advance to studio lighting. Comes complete withlights, stands and softboxes or umbrellas to completethe beginning studio.

Lighting Basics: How to Shoot Professional-Looking Portraits

In this video, professional photographer Erin Manning provides a foundation of some basic lighting principles and how to apply these techniques to your portraiture. Utilizing constant, daylight-balanced light sources and a variety of light modifiers, Manning gives a broad overview of lighting setups and how to modify your lighting in accordance with your subject.

Power and Efficiency with Portable Strobe Kits

Portable strobes combine the better of two worlds into a single entity; bringing the power and control of studio lighting together with the flexibility of speedlights or camera-based flash systems. Travel strobes are mainly used for location lighting situations, but can also prove to be a great all-around lighting system capable of fulfilling many studio-based tasks as well.


The Bescor LED-200: a Bright, Portable Power-Sipping LED Panel

If you are the type of filmmaker who winds up in unpredictable locations and needs something more powerful than an on-camera light, but doesn’t have the time to run stingers all over the set, then the Bescor LED-200KB Kit might be just what you are seeking.

Central Park Beyond Light Shoot-Out with Impact

An extension of Joey Quintero’s Event Space lighting master classes, this five-minute video features tips on how to use the Impact Lite Trek 400 battery-powered flash, a great portable solution for lighting enhancement. As in all of his presentations, Quintero provides a good deal of practical information in this hands-on, outdoor shooting segment.

Imaginative new iPad Apps for Creative Professionals

The relevance of Apple’s new iPad (third generation) is bolstered by the ever-expanding catalog of apps available from the Apple App Store. Each new app has the potential to redefine how we use tablets in our lives, for everything from business to play.


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