Underwater Flash

There are many accessories that are helpful or necessary for taking photos underwater. Buying an underwater housing is just the beginning. An external flash is your most important accessory. 

Dramatic Studio Light from a Portable Flash

Studio lights are essential for many types of product and fashion shots, and I’ve used them for decades. Sometimes I like to keep things simple, though, and it’s fun to challenge myself to create lighting that evokes a mood and an emotion with just a single portable flash. I recently photographed a beautiful young model, Ellecie White of Hillsboro, Tennessee, and I thought this would be the perfect time to minimize my equipment. I felt it would be less intimidating to a five-year-old, and I was sure I could create the type of lighting I wanted.

Lowel Rifa eXchange

Lowel’s Rifa Lites have long been popular lighting tools for photographers who need or desire a continuous light source that produces a soft, flattering light and folds down narrow enough to slip into a tube for fast and easy transit to and from assignments.

Lowel SoftCore Lighting System

The Lowel SoftCore Lighting Systemis designed to turn any softbox you might currently own into a cool-running, fluorescent lamp based lighting system containing up to five 80W CRI fluorescent lamps. 

Lowel TRIO 1 Lighting System

If the nature of your photographic work requires swaths of even, continuous light, Lowel’s TRIO 1 is well worth investigating. Designed for use with your choice of 55W high CRI, daylight- or tungsten-balanced fluorescent lamps, Lowel’s TRIO 1 lamp heads are well suited for portraiture and mid-sized tabletop applications.

Lowel Blender

Maintaining clean color balance when shooting stills and video in mixed lighting has long been problematic in portraiture, fashion, beauty and textile applications. But with the introduction of the Lowel Blender, maintaining color balance is easy.

Using a Matte Box to Enhance Your Video Production

If you’re actively honing your skills as a videographer, either with camcorders or HDSLRs, try working with matte boxes to enhance your video production and kick it up a notch in quality.


A monolight is a self-contained light source in which the flash head  contains the lamp, modeling light, cooling fan and power supply, as opposed to component systems featuring separate heads and power packs, which are commonly referred to as generators, power packs or pack-and-head-systems.

Light Meters

Light meters work by measuring the ambient or reflected light levels within the area you plan on photographing. Using medium gray, or 18% gray as a reference point, the meter takes this information and converts it to a combination of shutter speeds and lens-aperture openings. 

AEO Lightning and Motion Triggering Devices

If you’ve ever tried to photograph lightning or similar now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t phenomena, you’re well aware of how difficult an undertaking it can be. Lightning strikes without warning and nary a hint as to where in the skies it will appear and in what form—and by the time you see it, it’s invariably gone.


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