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How to Use Grandpa's Gray Hair for White Balancing

One way to white balance an image in Lightroom 3 is to find what is called Middle Gray, using the white balancing dropper tool. When you hover over certain parts of the image, the RGB levels appear, and one of the best methods is to make sure that all of them are around 50%. Typically, this happens in the middle gray area. The following white balancing procedure transpired when I was searching through my archive for photos to use for another BHInsights blog post.

How to Optimize Your Images for Web Search and Blogging

Besides Moshe Zusman's tips for online marketing, you should consider other ways to ensure that you—and others—will be able to track your photos online. At the same time, you must pay heed to copyrighting your photos. It's not all about watermarking either. Here are some tips on how I do it in Lightroom 3.

How to Rescue an Underexposed Image in Lightroom 3

The other day, while on a coffee break with two co-workers, I decided to bring along my Canon 5D Mk II and snap photos along the way. The photo on the left was snapped after I rushed in front of the two women seen in the image. However, it was actually terribly underexposed. Here's how I fixed it in Lightroom 3 to look more balanced, and give it a gorgeous look with muted tones.

How to Salvage Discolored Concert Photos

Before you get to shoot concerts with amazing lighting like Todd Owyoung does, you'll probably be getting lots of practice in small bars and other such venues with dismal lighting. Once you've equipped yourself with some good gear, you'll need to take your work a step further. As you'll quickly learn, you may have to do quite a bit of work in Lightroom 3. Here is a tutorial on how to save your images.

The Myth of the Unmanipulated Image

Not long ago, I read a complaint about all the "manipulation" of photographs that is being done these days. The man who was complaining expressed a preference for unmanipulated, original photographs. I've heard similar comments on many occasions.

Let's take a look at that unmanipulated, original image. 

Three Reasons Why Using a Gaming Mouse is Great For Editing Photos

In the market for new photo editing peripherals? While tablets and trackpads have their specific uses, you should probably consider the advantages that a gaming mouse can offer. Though more expensive than standard mice, they are top of the line products designed for better performance and long periods of use.

Around The Web: Tuesday 10/05/2010

In case you don't have much time to keep up with the news, here are a couple of the great postings from around the web published today.

Three Reasons to Upgrade to Lightroom 3

After a months-long public beta, which featured two releases, Adobe has released the final version of their Lightroom 3 software application. Thanks to the long beta, developers were able to make refinements to the application based on user feedback, resulting in an extremely functional, polished, and stable software application. Lightroom 3 boasts numerous compelling reasons for users to upgrade; here are three.

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