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How I Got the Shot: John Cornicello Shows Us How to Photograph Fireworks

The Fourth of July is coming, and we all love to watch the fireworks. We’ve already talked a little about the basics of shooting them, but we recently had the opportunity to sit down with John Cornicello, an absolute master of the art, who blogs about it fairly often.

Specifically, we chose the photo above, and asked John to break it down for us. How do you think he shot it?

Night Photography – Shooting in the Dark

One of the most valuable lessons that I apply to photography on a daily basis was actually taught to me by a theater professor in college, well before I had a passion for taking pictures. “The most interesting characters are the ones that struggle between good and bad. Show me this conflict,” Dr Edwards said, “because it is this conflict that we are drawn to.”

Landscapes and Social Media with Jim Goldstein

Jim Goldstein is a full-time professional photographer based in San Francisco, CA. He captures landscapes and nature, and is an established travel photographer. He also embraces social media, and is highly active on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Google + amongst others, such as Photo.net. We took some time to talk to Jim about his techniques, social media strategies, how landscapes inspire him, and his new eBook.

The Epic Battle Between Choosing Star Trails Over Star Points

One of the main reasons why photographers lug their cameras around when the sun goes down, is to capture the night sky. For a lot of us, this means leaving the bright lights of the city in search of where the stars shine the brightest. Until recently, the only way a photographer could successfully capture the night sky was with long exposures that resulted in star trails. If you wanted to capture star points, or a more celestial night, exposures needed to be less than 30 seconds. Otherwise, the earth’s rotation turned the points into trails. But with DSLRs now capable of capturing cleaner ISO output at 1600 and 3200, we are entering a new celestial era that would make Van Gogh proud! 

So whether you choose the drama of the longer star trails or the subtler star points, here are some tips to follow.

The Basics of Photographing Fireworks

Do you remember the first time you looked up at the sky and witnessed a spectacular fireworks show? Well now that you're a bit older, you can capture the lightshow with your camera. You'll be glad to know that it's not extremely tough to do this, providing that you do a couple of things correctly. Here are some tips on how to capture better photos of fireworks for the 4th of July or for any special occasion.

Note: Some of the photos in this posting were pulled from the B&H Photo Flickr Group. If you haven't submitted to it, show us what you've got!

Fun Photography Projects for the Bored Photographer

Shooting the same projects and ideas regularly can become stale. One way to find creative inspiration is by browsing through Flickr and the work of other photographers. If you're still craving a sip of those creative juices, here's a quick list of some alternative project ideas that you may not have worked on.

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