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Hands-On Review: the JVC GY-HM70U HD Camcorder

In the following video, Mia McCormick, from Kelby Media, presents an objective review of the JVC GY-HM70U camcorder, examining the camera’s many features. The video offers a realistic overview of the camcorder and how it performs.

Fujifilm FinePix S Series Long Zoom Cameras

Fujifilm has recently released an array of new S series digital cameras, which combine long zoom lenses with the ease of use of a point-and-shoot system. With this amalgam of characteristics in mind, the physical construction of these cameras incorporates balanced ergonomics along with impressive image quality.

Holiday 2012: Low-Light DSLR Photography

In this video from B&H, Larry Becker offers a basic introduction to the challenges of, and solutions for, shooting in low light with a DSLR or mirrorless camera. He explains ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and aperture settings and demonstrates how simple in-camera adjustments will provide marked improvements when shooting indoors.

Pixels After Dark: Shooting the Night

Shooting at night has obvious disadvantages and is arguably more difficult. But as with all things difficult, there are always positives. One of those is that controlling errant daylight is not an issue—it’s dark.

The New Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital 17mm f/1.8 Lens

Olympus has just announced a new addition to the Micro Four Thirds system, the M.ZUIKO Digital 17mm f/1.8 lens. This lens offers a 35mm equivalent focal length of 34mm, giving it a slighter wider-than-normal angle of view that is ideal for general everyday use.

Tamron Introduces New Zoom and Prime Lenses

Tamron has recently introduced a pair of new lenses, both of which are telephoto length and offer wide maximum apertures, Vibration Compensation (VC) and an Ultrasonic Silent Drive (USD) focusing motor. These lenses are improvements over past versions due to the incorporation of new technologies that enable sharper, cleaner imagery.

Perfect Light in Any Location

When the lighting is perfect, shooting a wedding is easy. But that doesn’t happen often, perhaps an hour outdoors at the end of a sunny day. What about the rest of the occasion? Professional photographer Moshe Zusman comes to the rescue with a series of solutions that can work in any location.

How to Capture Sharp, Handheld Photographs under Low-Light Conditions

Whether you’re shooting under bright- or low-light conditions, the surest way to capture sharp photographs is to use a tripod, and depending on your subject, maybe even a flash. The trouble is that in the real world this is not always possible.

Low-Light Cameras

“Can I take pictures without the flash?”

That’s a question that a camera salesperson hears quite a bit. While virtually all compacts have built-in flashes, when used in automatic mode they can often produce images that appear to be washed out and lack any sort of ambience. Getting a good image with flash often requires the use of diffusers, wireless gadgets and techniques that are more than a little too intense for the average non-professional.

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