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Home Theater Receivers

It’s an audio receiver and amplifier integrated into a single component that lets you switch from different sources such as a DVR or Blu-ray Disc player and send the audio/video (AV) signals to multiple speakers and a TV or projector. 

New WD TV Live Streaming Media Player from Western Digital

Western Digital had it backwards when, three years ago, it promoted the WD TV HD Media Player as an accessory to its Passport hard drives. Users already wanted to do more than copy content from a computer and walk it over to a media player plugged into their TV.

D-Link Delivers a Two-Sided Remote for Boxee

The 10-foot interface has always been a challenge for couch potatoes performing computer-like activities on their TVs. Using a conventional remote to navigate a cursor through the matrix of an onscreen keyboard, selecting one character at a time, required too much effort. But stowing a wireless keyboard on the coffee table seemed like an intrusion from the workplace in a room meant for pleasure.

Spotify Arrives in the American Listening Room

Music lovers who once collected CDs or downloaded-to-own now have another streaming service to consider: Spotify. The European-based service went live in the United States on July 14 as a competitor to such streaming jukeboxes as Rhapsody, Pandora and Slacker.

How to Transmit Music Wirelessly Without Wi-Fi

Despite its advantages, a Wi-Fi home network isn’t for everyone. If all you want to do is send audio from a CD player, boom box, TV or even a computer to speakers in another room, you can usually take advantage of a standard audio output on the player.

How to Watch TV on Your Computer

Even before most people had bought their first high-definition TV sets, they already owned high-def displays attached to their desktop computers or rooted in their notebooks. They just didn’t use them to watch TV. Today, there are at least three ways to watch TV on a computer.

Media Receivers

These players make streaming movies, videos, photos and music from the Net to your TV or nightstand fun.

Best Deals for Netflix Streaming to Your TV

Western Digital has added a new model to its line of media players called the WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player, that does something its other models don't do: it supports Netflix movie streaming. With the Live Plus, B&H now offers a dozen products including media receivers, Blu-ray Disc players, DVRs and HDTV sets that stream Netflix movies and TV shows directly to your home theater instead of a computer.


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