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Street Photography with Medium Format Cameras and Film

When I first began studying photography, I was taught that there were two types of photographers: collectors and voyeurs. I remember being immediately drawn to photographs that fell under the latter category. The photos of Cartier-Bresson, with their ability to capture subjects and environments interacting so harmoniously, were mesmerizing. I too wanted to know how to create "The Decisive-Moment."

Mamiya RB67 Shout-Outs and One Reader's Motorcycle Quandary

 My recent post about the Mamiya RZ33 - Mamiya’s latest take on medium-format DSLRs - was followed by an unusually high volume of comments that can be boiled down to several key categories and a sidebar conversation with "euroblade," a reader who’s tearing his or her kishkas out trying to choose between the RZ33 and a BMW R100RT motorcycle, which cost about the same but satisfy opposing needs. (Feel free to cast your vote folks: the RZ33 or the motorcycle? And we expect spirited, lively debate on this one!)

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