The New Sound Devices MixPre-D: for Camera, Sound and Post

There’s a wide range of workflows in today’s production world, and the new Sound Devices MixPre-D is a versatile piece of equipment that will flow with the many different kinds of work.

Building the Perfect Audio Bag

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside the audio bags that are used in professional video and film productions? In this article we’ll take a close look at the gear found in a typical professional location sound bag, and explain what each piece of equipment does. You’ll gain an understanding of how all these devices connect together and why each tool is necessary to have.

A Look at the Datavideo SE-2000 and HS-2000 Video Switchers/Mixers

Mixing video is an art. Cutting at exactly the right time to maximize impact, pacing the length of each shot, choosing the best footage or angles to show-- it's about finding the right cadence and rhythm for the audio and visuals.

Finding the right rhythm when mixing a live performance becomes even more critical, because you don't get any second chances.

Recording Electric Guitars at Home

The electric guitar is a compelling musical instrument with a complex, ear-arresting and immediately recognizable sonic signature that has continuously evolved, on record or in concert, since someone attached an electro-magnetic transducer to a big, hollow archtop acoustic guitar more than 75 years ago, during the Big Band era.


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