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Exposure is a VERY Personal Thing!

It was a very long time ago, as I had just started my first class at Brooks: I was returning home from the Central Coast, where I'd spent the weekend with a new friend I had made in school. I was just 18 at the time, and as green as they come to the photographic community. It was a gorgeous spring day as we passed through the hills, carpeted in that gorgeous shade of spring green, and rolling on as far as the eye could scan. Just then my friend asked, "How would you expose for that?" referring to the green hills that I was lost in thought about. I was taken aback by his question, because I didn't know the answer.

Being the "hot shot" young kid at Brooks, it was assumed I'd know such things, and a lot more!

Editor's Note: This is a Guest Blog Post from Moose Petersen

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