Enjoy Lossless Audio with the FiiO X3 Portable Music Player

Calling the FiiO X3 an ordinary MP3 player would be like calling B&H an ordinary camera store. Both offer so much more. FiiO began seven years ago as a headphone-amp manufacturer. To create the X3, their engineers used their wealth of technical audio expertise acquired from years of making headphone amps, and channeled it into the design of a high-quality portable audio player.

MP3 Players and Accessories for Mom

There’s huge variety of MP3 players available right now that would make great Mother’s Day gifts, from tiny gadgets that nearly disappear when you clip them to your shirt, to handheld multimedia marvels.

Inexpensive yet Invaluable Audio Accessories

There’s a certain allure to turning a big knob on a high-end piece of audio gear, but sometimes the most useful tools are the inexpensive doodads. There’s an army of budget-friendly accessories that play a major role both in the studio and on set. 

Hands-On Review of the Ion Tape 2 PC

I haven’t had a working cassette player in my home for nearly a decade, but I still have a couple shoeboxes filled with old tapes in the back of my closet. I could never bring myself to get rid of them. I’ve developed a deep psychological bond with the little things...  What does the future hold for the cassettes trapped inside the shoeboxes in my closet?

Transfer Cassettes and LPs to Digital Media

Turntable to PCUnless you’re an enthusiast or you’re an expert in time travel, you shouldn’t have purchased a new music release on LP or cassette tape since the last two U.S. presidencies. It’s been almost 15 years since the compact cassette was more or less replaced by the CD—and the vinyl LP? That was dead about 10 years before that.  You’ve had years to transfer these to CDs or to MP3, but now you finally have the time, so how do you do it?

Adobe CS4 Overview- Soundbooth

Adobe Soundbooth CS4 software provides an intuitive toolset designed specifically for the audio needs of motion graphics professionals working in film, video and web applications. This new version of Soundbooth adds a host of powerful new features including: Multitrack support, Speech search, Automatic volume matching, and MP3 compression preview.

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