Native Instruments

Komplete 7: Total Sound-Design Arsenal

Imagine you're creating a soundtrack for a film or writing a new song and you've exhausted your collection of loops and software instruments. There's an emotion you're trying to evoke and your tools just aren't cutting it. This is when the 24 instruments and effects in Native Instruments Komplete 7 save the day. In one shot you've got 90GB of sounds to create with, and it's compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

Direct Recording Your Instruments Part 2

If you tuned in for the last part of this series then you learned all about the fundamentals of recording a direct signal. Now that you've got a solid understanding of the options available for direct recording, hopefully, you've had some time to make some direct recordings of your own. But a direct signal is only useful if you do something with it, and that's what the next two parts of this series will focus on. This segment will cover the basic things to watch out for with your direct signals, and cover some of the great software emulators out there that can take those sounds in an infinite number of directions.

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