Natural Light

Signs That You're a Hipster Photographer

According to Gizmodo, hipsters "sort through the detritus of pop culture, appropriate what they find appealing in its quirkiness, cultivating an aesthetic that considers all, but allows surprisingly little. To be hipster is to hate." Indeed, there are photographer hipsters as well. Here's a list of some of their most common characteristics.

Photo by VMPastore

Preparation, Patience and Persistence

I spend a lot of time of shooting in areas that I teach workshops. I find that an increased familiarity with a place gives my students-and myself a better chance at getting great photographs. Its not that we can't all go out and get lucky from time to time. Its just that your odds of getting the right light at the right time increase with every visit to a location. How many times do you think Ansel photographed Half Dome?

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