First Look: Singh-Ray Vari-ND and Mor-Slo ND Filters

Singh-Ray filters have long been a part of the landscape for creative photographers, filmmakers and videographers. But the folks at Singh-Ray never seem content to let things stay the way they are. Among the results of their non-passive creative development are two new products that enable you to push the limits of still and motion-picture imaging under bright lighting conditions.

Filtering in Real-Time

 In a perfect world you don’t need a filter. Your lens, even the most basic of kit lenses, comes pre-coated to minimize flare and color aberration. And when not in use, every lens comes with a lens cap that protects the front element of your lens and never ever unknowingly falls off your camera as you stroll down the boulevard. But we don’t live in a perfect world so forget about all of the above. (And by the way, I think you just lost your lens cap)

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